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Bandai Tours original

Package Tours

Package tours include accommodation and day tours or accommodation and ski tickets.

Bandai Tours offers unique tours in the Mt Bandai area, including Urabandai and Jododaira, to travel agencies. If you are interested in a tour, please contact us with the tour code.

We also welcome enquiries about tailor-made tours with original itineraries.

Original tours for 1-14 persons (FIT, small groups)

Sakura tour.jpg

[E-1] 3D2N Cherry blossom and snow viewing around Mt Bandai

April 15th - April 26th, 2024

This 3-day/2-night tour includes activities and accommodation in Urabandai, Inawashiro and Bandai, limited to the time of year when you can enjoy cherry blossom viewing and snow at the same time. You can choose between three accommodation options in Urabandai.

Goshikinuma Pond

[H-JB] 4D3N Jododaira and Urabandai Mountaineering

Late May - early October 2024

A 4-day/3-night, guided mountaineering tour with climbing Mt Azumakofuji, Mt Issaikyo and Mt Bandai, a walk in Goshikinuma, one night in Azumagoya Lodge and two nights at an accommodation in Urabandai. You can choose from three facilities in Urabandai.

BLG  Autumn

[T-2] 3D2N Urabandai Luxurious Autumn Foliage Walk

Mid-October-Early November 2024

This luxury 3-day/2-night tour includes a walk around the beautiful autumn foliage spots of Urabandai and activities such as museums, sightseeing boats and ropeways, as well as accommodation. There is a choice of three different hotels in Urabandai.

Onogawafudodaki Falls

[T-1] 3D2N Jododaira, Urabandai Highland walks

Late May - early October 2024

Trekking in Jodododaira to Mt Azumakofuji, Urabandai to Onogawafudotaki Falls, Oyamazumi Shrine, Nakasenuma Pond, Goshikinuma Ponds, etc. 3-day/2-night tour with first night at a mountain lodge and second night at one of three facilities in Urabandai.


[H-JNB] 5D4N Mountaineering tour of Mt Issaikyo, Mt Nishiazuma and Mt Bandai

Mid-July - late October 2024

Trekking Mt Azumakofuji, hiking Mt Nishiazuma (100 peaks of Japan), hiking Mt Bandai (100 peaks of Japan), trekking through Goshikinuma (5day 4night mountaineering tour), with the first night at a mountain lodge, the second night at Nature Cottage Akabeko and the third and fourth nights at a hotel of choice.

Hotel+Ski package


[S-LN] Urabandai Lakeresort Hotel+
Nekoma Mountain

15 December 2024 - 31 March 2025

Enjoy skiing and snowboarding to the fullest at Nekoma Mountain, one of the largest slopes in the Tohoku! A ski shuttle bus departs from the hotel and takes you to the ski slopes in just 15 minutes. This 5-day/4-night tour includes 4 nights hotel accommodation and 3 days of lift tickets.

Grandeco hotel.jpg

[S-LN] EN RESORT Grandeco Hotel +
Grandeco Snow Resort

15 December 2024 - 31 March 2025

The only SKI IN/OUT hotel in Urabandai, direct to the slopes with the finest powder snow. Recommended for those seeking high quality powder snow and a luxury hotel to stay in. This 4-day/3-night tour includes a 2-day lift ticket and a 3-night hotel stay.

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