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Bandai Tours is a local travel agent in Urabandai, Fukushima.

This is the view from our office.


Bandai Tours Logo

​What are you doing as a travel agency?

■ Day tours and accommodation package tours

​    (Custom-made nature walk tours in Mt. Bandai area)

■ Lodging arrangements, overseas AGT land operator

    (Hotels, vacation rentals, B&B, etc.)

■ Arranging ski lift tickets

    (Nekoma Mountain, Grandeco)

■Arrangement of ski equipment and snowshoe rental

■ Arrangement of custom-made guided tours and mountain guides​ (Mt. Bandai area and Jododaira area)

​■ Foreign guest attendants​ (English)

■ Japanese → English translation

​■Training on inbound sales and dealing with foreigners


■ Directly managed stores (see below)

[Travel agency office and directly managed facilities]


[Urabandai, Fukushima Prefecture]

 Bandai Lakeside Garden has

 a campsite with a superb view of the lakeside,

We also offer Lake Sohara kayak rentals.

You can stay in the lakeside garden as day use.

Scheduled to open from mid April through mid November.

[Directly managed facility 2]


[Jododaira, Fukushima Prefecture]

 A mountain lodge at an altitude of 1576m.

A mountain lodge that can be reached by car.

Café is open during the daytime

and the bar is open at night.

Closed in winter, ​Scheduled to open

from late May through early November.


By the way,
where is

Urabandai belongs to Kitashiobara Village in the Aizu region of Fukushima Prefecture. Urabandai is not a municipality name, but an area name. Urabandai ("ura" means behind in Japanese) is located at an altitude of 800m and is behind Mt. Bandai.

Jododaira is also the name of the area and it belongs to the Nakadori (central) area of Fukushima Prefecture and is part of Fukushima City. You can reach Jododaira at an altitude of 1500m in just one hour from Fukushima Station.

Both Urabandai and Jododaira are areas with beautiful nature in national parks. Please come to the plateau where you can enjoy the finest nature, 3 to 4 hours away from Tokyo.

Where is Urabandai.png

Representative of Bandai Tours

​ Genta Kanemitsu

Hello. Welcome to the Bandai Tours website.

When I was a child, I lived in London and Kuala Lumpur for a total of 8 years due to my father's work. After that, when I was in my twenties, I wandered mainly in Southeast Asia and Europe as a backpacker, and have traveled to 30 countries.

That's why I like traveling, but on the other hand, I started a travel agency in 2022 because I wanted to introduce people around the world to this wonderful area of Mt Bandai, where I have been living since 2006.

​We mainly sell package tours including day tours and accommodation to overseas travel agencies to visit spots in Mt Bandai area where there are many places where public transportation cannot be used.

​If you are interested in me, please feel free to contact.

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