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[H-JB] Jododaira and Urabandai Mountaineering

Goshikinuma Pond


For those who want to climb the beautiful mountains of Bandai Asahi National Park. This 4-day/3-night tour includes climbing Mt Azumakofuji, Mt Issaikyo and Mt Bandai, exploring Okenuma Pond, Kamanuma Pond and Goshikinuma Pond in Jododaira and another Goshikinuma Ponds in Urabandai, one night in Azumagoya Lodge and two nights in Urabandai (hotel or cottage). A local mountaineering guide will accompany you on this climbing tour.


Date and time

Late May - Late October 2024

This tour has exclusion dates.


Tour type [H] Hiking

Hiking tours (beginner level climbing, but only experienced climbers are allowed to participate. Please wear suitable mountaineering clothing, shoes and bags).




Day 1

15:00 JR Inawashiro Station (meeting point)

16:00 Check-in at Azumagoya Lodge (90-year-old lodge at 1576 m altitude). After check-in, walk around the area. The Mt Azumakofuji and Okenuma Pond course is recommended.

Azumagoya Lodge is reserved for tour groups.

18:00 Dinner (set menu)

21:00 Lights out time (for energy conservation, mountain huts have a set lights out time).


Day 2

7:30 Breakfast (set menu)

8:30 Departure from Azumagoya Lodge.

9:00 Arrival at Jododaira Visitor Centre. Start climbing (Accompanied by a mountain guide).

10:40 Arrive at the summit of Mt Issaikyo. Goshikinuma Pond viewing. (There are two Goshikinuma in Fukushima.)

11:10 Departure from the summit.

12:10 Arrival at Kamanuma Pond. Lunch (packed lunch).

12:40 Departure from Kamanuma Pond.

14:10 Arrival at Jododaira Visitor Centre.

14:30 Arrival at Azumagoya Lodge. Coffee break.

15:00 Departure from Azumagoya Lodge.

16:15 Arrival at BLG. View of the lakeside scenery.

16:45 Departure from BLG.

17:10 Arrive at accommodation in Urabandai and check in.

18:30 Dinner (time may vary).


Day 3.

7:30 Breakfast (times may vary).

8:30 Departure from accommodation

9:00 Arrive at Urabandai Ski Resort trailhead and start climbing (Accompanied by a mountain guide).

9:50 Akanuma Pond

12:20 Arrive at the summit of Mt Bandai, lunch (packed lunch)

12:50 Start descent

16:00 Arrive at Happodai parking lot (end of hiking trail)

16:40 Return to accommodation

18:00 Dinner (time may vary)


Day 4

7:30 Breakfast (times may vary)

9:00 Check out

9:30 Goshikinuma Ponds trekking (No guide will accompany).

11:00 End of Goshikinuma Ponds trekking

12:00 Arrival at JR Inawashiro Station (place of disbandment)

*On the first day, accommodation is in a mountain lodge, in the same area as the dining hall, in a shared room for men and women (10 people) and one private room (maximum 3 people), and in an attendant's room (1 person). Toilet and shower facilities are shared. Travel agents are requested to inform and agree with their guests that they will be staying in this kind of mountain lodge, not a general hotel.


*Times in the itinerary are approximate and schedules are subject to change due to weather and disasters.



This tour includes.

Accommodation (3 nights),

Dinner and breakfast during the tour, packed lunches on days 2 and 3, a cup of coffee during coffee break at Azumagoya Lodge.

Guide fees, entrance fees to tour stops and transport during the tour (not including transport to and from the meeting point).



Package tour prices (wholesale prices for travel agents, tax included)


The price differs depending on the hotel where you stay on the second and third night. You can choose from the following three facilities.


Urabandai Lake Resort Hotel

From 75,000 yen/person, 2-4 people in 1 room (varies according to date).


Please enquire for single use rates, room upgrades and meal upgrades.

Tour conductor fee: JPY 48,400, room for tour conductor. No date variation. Meals served in buffet restaurants. Maximum of one attendant per tour.



Nature Cottage Akabeko

From JPY 74,470/person (varies according to dates).


Please enquire for cottage and meal upgrades.

Tour conductor fee: from JPY 54,360, accommodation in an accommodation block for an escort. Date variable. Meals on the same menu as the guest. Maximum of one attendant per tour.



EN RESORT Grandeco Hotel

From JPY 77,080/person, 2 people in 1 room (depending on dates).


Please enquire for single use rates, room upgrades and meal upgrades.

Tour conductor fee: JPY 56,100, room for tour conductor. No date variation. Meals are on a separate menu. If meals are on the same menu as the guest, the fee is the same as the guest and the room is single use. Maximum of one attendant per tour.


Excluded dates

Please enquire about exclusion dates during summer holidays, peak season during the foliage season and consecutive holidays, including Japanese holidays, as these dates may be excluded from the tour set up.

*This area is in the rainy season from late June to early July.

Minimum number of participants: 8

Maximum number of participants: 13 + 1 tour conductor

(maximum number of people staying at Azumagoya Lodge).

Last reservation: 14 days before arrival.

Last reservation: 14 days before arrival. Please contact us if you need more people after that date.

Payment method


A PayPal invoice with a 3% payment fee will be sent by email. Please pay by credit card via the link on the invoice.

b) Bank transfer.
We will inform you of the bank account to which you should transfer the funds. Please note that bank transfer charges are to be borne by your company.

Payment deadline

10 days before arrival. If payment cannot be confirmed, the booking will be cancelled and the full amount of the booking will be charged.

Cancellation fees
All cancellations: 30% 31 days, 50% 14 days, 70% 7 days, 80% the day before, 100% on the day/no overnight stay
Reduction: 20% 7 days before, 50% the day before, 100% on the day/non-accommodation.


Please contact us to customise your stay by increasing or decreasing the number of nights, deleting an existing stopover, or adding another stopover.


The itinerary shows the tour departing and disbanding at JR Inawashiro Station, but please contact us if you would like to be picked up at Fukushima Station, Koriyama Station, Aizu Wakamatsu Station, Fukushima Airport or Sendai Airport.


Mt Issaikyo hiking trail map

Bandai Azuma Skyline

Bandai Azuma Skyline scenic driveway

Mt Azumakofuji

Mt Azumakofuji

Okenuma Pond

Okenuma Pond

Jododaira Visitor Center

Jododaira Visitor Centre, start climbing

Mt Issaikyo

Mt Issaikyo

Mt Issaikyo trail

Hiking trail

Mt Issaikyo

Fumaroles, constantly rising fumaroles.

Mt Issaikyo trail

Trail to Mt Issaikyo. This area is slippery.

Goshikinuma Pond

Goshikinuma Pond seen from the summit of Mt Issaikyo (there are two Goshikinuma in Fukushima Prefecture).

Kamanuma Pond

Kamanuma Pond

Kamanuma Pond

Kamanuma Pond

BLG Pier

BLG. View from the lakeside of Mt Bandai to be climbed tomorrow.


Mt Bandai hiking trail map

Urabandai Ski Ground entrance

Trailhead. Urabandai Ski Resort. Start climbing.

Akanuma Pond

Akanuma Pond (copper pond)

Mt Bandai trail

It is easy to get lost in this area.

Mt Bandai trail

Trail marker

Mt Bandai trail

Trail (ridge walk).

Mt Bandai peak

Mt Bandai Summit

Mt Bandai peak

Mt Bandai Summit

Mt Bandai peak

Mt Bandai Summit

Mt Bandai hiking

View from Mt Bandai

Nakanoyu Spring

Nakanoyu hot spring (abandoned).

Mt Bandai Happoudai parking

Trailhead (Happodai parking lot) End of hiking

Goshikinuma Ponds (Rurinuma Pond)

Goshikinuma (Rurinuma) Last day morning walk.

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