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partnership with Bandai Tours.

Urabandai Lake Resort Hotel.jpg

Urabandai Lake Resort Hotel

Large hotel facing the shore of Lake Hibara and located within walking distance of Goshikinuma Ponds. Each room has a large private area, The large hot spring baths allow you to refresh in a relaxed atmosphere.
The hotel also has a large number of products in the shop, so you can spend a pleasant time in the hotel.

Nature Cottage Akabeko

A total of 34 rental cottages nestled in the forest.
A recommended accommodation style for those seeking a quieter, more private space. Cottage types are available according to the number of people. Dinner and breakfast can be served in the rental cottages.

Akabeko spring
Grandeco Hotel winter

​ Grandeco Hotel

A single hotel at an altitude of 1040 m in the mountains. The medium-sized but luxurious hotel is, Ski slopes are attached to the hotel, The only hotel in Urabandai where you can ski in and out.

Azumagoya Lodge

This is a Bandai Tours-owned mountain lodge.
This one-house lodge in the mountains is located at an altitude of 1576 m in the Jododaira area. The morning air is exceptionally fresh when you wake up in the mountains.
Only about 14 people can stay here, though, The 90-year-old lodge will surely be a memorable experience for you.

Azumagoya Lodge吾妻小舎
Lake Hibara Pleasure Boat

Lake Hibara Sightseeing Boat

A sightseeing boat cruises around Lake Hibara.

The view of Mount Bandai and other mountains from the lake is magnificent.

The 35-minute cruise will surely give you a memorable view of the scenery.

Morohashi Museum of Modern Art

Museum dedicated mainly to the works of Salvador Dali. Open from April to November, special exhibitions are held in the first and second half of the season. After a walk in nature, you will be even more impressed by the art.

As a small museum, it can be viewed in about an hour and there is a café on site.

Morohashi Museum of Modern Art
Grandeco Ropeway  Autumn

Urabandai Ropeway

Not only during the ski season,

It operates for tourists from summer to autumn.

You can take the spectacular ropeway, which takes you from an altitude of 1010m to 1390m in one go, and then trek to the marsh and unmolested wilderness of beech trees at higher altitudes.

Bandia Herb Garden

The herb garden is located in a quiet forest, with a café and shop that also serves light snacks. Having some herbal tea on the outdoor terrace is ideal after a trek.

BLG Pier

BLG (Bandai Lakeside Garden)

A garden with a campsite directly operated by Bandai Tours.

Located on the shores of Lake Sohara, it offers a spectacular view of Mount Bandai in front of the campsite. When you sit by the lakeside in the afternoon or evening, you can really feel that you have come to Urabandai.

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