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[T-3] 4-7 Nov. 4D3N Fukushima autumn trekking tour

Goshikinuma Ponds Bishamonnuma Autumn


Trekking through Jododaira and Urabandai in the final stages of autumn leaf colour, staying at a mountain lodge at an altitude of 1576 m for the first night and at a hotel in Urabandai for the second and third nights. This 4-day/3-night tour will take you to lakes, ponds, ravines and other places rich in nature, as well as shrines and other places to admire the autumn colours.

■Date and time

4-7 Nov. 2024

■Tour type [T] Trekking

Trekking tours (some parts are not as steep as mountaineering, but there are some slopes, so it is necessary to dress appropriately for walking in the field).




=Tour start=

13:00 JR Fukushima Station West Exit, pick up by Bandai Tours bus.

14:00 Arrive at Azumagoya Lodge, check in. (The lodge is chartered for the group)

15:00 Enjoy trekking to Mt Azumakofuji (one hour walk).

18:00 Dinner (vegetarian set menu).

*Enjoy the stay in a mountain lodge which is located in a elevation of 1576m.

*It is the last day of the season to stay in Azumagoya Lodge (closed for the winter season from 11/5).

*It might snow if the temperature is low on the day.

*Accommodation may be changed if there are road closures due to snow prior to the day of stay.



7:30 Breakfast (vegetarian set menu).

8:30 Morning walk around the lodge (30mins walk).

9:30 Depart Azumagoya Lodge.

10:45 Onogawafudotaki Falls trekking (one hour walk).

12:00 Lunch

13:30 Goshikinuma Ponds trekking (one hour 30mins walk).

15:30 BLG (view spot with Mt Bandai across the lake)

16:30 Arrive at Urabandai Lake Resort Hotel, check in.

18:00 Dinner (buffet style).



7:30 Breakfast (buffet style).

9:00 Nakasenuma Pond trekking (one hour walk).

11:00 Nakatsugawa valley walk (30mins walk).

12:30 Lunch

14:00 Hanitsu shrine autumn leaves watching.

15:00 Kannonji River walk (30mins walk).

16:30 Return to the hotel.

18:00 Dinner (buffet style).



7:30 Breakfast (buffet style)

8:30 Check out

9:00 Depart hotel

10:30 JR Koriyama Station, vegetarian lunch box will be provided. 

=Tour end=

*Occupation on day 1 is in a mountain lodge, in the same area as the dining hall, in a shared room for men and women (10 people) and one private room (maximum 3 people) and an attendant's room (1 person). Toilet and shower facilities are shared. Travel agents should inform their guests that they will be staying in such a lodge (not a typical hotel) and obtain their approval.​

*Times in the itinerary are approximate and schedules are subject to change due to weather and disasters.


■Package prices

65,400yen for customers, 44,000yen for conductor.

■What is included in the price?

1. Accommodation fee (Azumagoya Lodge for 1st night, Urabandai Lake Resort Hotel for 2nd and 3rd night).

2. Dinner and breakfast at the staying accommodation during the tour.

3. Lunch fee on 11/5 and 11/6 and lunch box on 11/7.

4. Guiding fee and transportation (bus) by Bandai Tours during the tour.


Minimum number of participants: 4

Maximum number of participants: 13 + 1 tour conductor

(maximum number of people staying at Azumagoya Lodge).

Last reservation: 14 days before arrival.

Last reservation: 14 days before arrival. Please contact us if you need more people after that date.

■Payment method


A PayPal invoice with a 3% payment fee will be sent by email. Please pay by credit card via the link on the invoice.

b) Bank transfer.
We will inform you of the bank account to which you should transfer the funds. Please note that bank transfer charges are to be borne by your company.

■Payment deadline

10 days before arrival. If payment cannot be confirmed, the booking will be cancelled and the full amount of the booking will be charged.

■Cancellation fees
All cancellations: 30% 31 days, 50% 14 days, 70% 7 days, 80% the day before, 100% on the day/no overnight stay
Reduction: 20% 7 days before, 50% the day before, 100% on the day/non-accommodation.

Mt Azumakofuji

Mt Azumakofuji

Onogawafudotaki Falls autumn

Onogawafudotaki Falls

Goshikinuma Ponds Bishamonnuma Autumn

Goshikinuma Ponds (Bishamonnuma Pond)

Goshikinuma Ponds Autumn

Goshikinuma Ponds (rurinuma Pond)

BLG Autumn


Nakasenuma Pond Autumn

Nakasenuma Pond

Nakatugawakeikoku Canyon

Nakatsugawa Valley

Hanitsu Shrine Autumn

Hanitsu Shrine

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